I have grown up in a family that owns and operates multiple small businesses in Cambridge. Having grown up in a household that had two parents constantly trying to grow and operate their businesses, I understand the challenges that small business owners face on a daily basis. I want to make Cambridge a place for businesses to thrive as small businesses are the core of our economy.

One of the first steps to helping businesses in Cambridge is to clean up our downtown core areas. Cambridge needs to find a remedy for the homelessness and drug issues that are holding back our core areas. It is becoming more common for me to hear that people are afraid to walk in downtown Galt because of the panhandlers, tents, and safety concerns. This hurts our businesses and needs to be addressed.

I believe the first step towards cleaning up our downtown core is to find a new location for the Bridges shelter. The current location has a few major problems associated with it. The first is that the proximity of the shelter to the Galt core hurts those businesses. Furthermore, the location is too close to G.C.I. which puts our youth in an environment that is not safe for them. It is not a secret that there is currently a problem with needles being carelessly discarded in our streets and parks, which means that our students are at risk while walking home from school.

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