Why am I running?

Throughout my life I have always been a team player and have always been inclined to take an active leadership role in many of the communities I am a part of. From being captain of sports teams I played on, to volunteering through all my high school years at the Galt Minor Hockey School. Even upon starting at Western University I both volunteered and worked on campus.

Being a contributing member of my community has always been a natural tendency for me. I always rise to challenges placed before me and I am not afraid to strive for more. Being Ward 7 Councillor is the next step for me in my journey and I believe that I will represent this Ward and its residents with integrity, trust, and respect. I listen to all voices around me and I will serve my community to the best of my ability and try to address the needs of those around me as best as I possibly can.

Why vote for me?

  1. I am a new voice and a fresh face. I have new ideas that I want to be explored. I have always been known to speak my mind when I think something could be done better and I will continue to do so.
  2. I have never run for a political party. I do not have the baggage of running in previous elections and having that association with parties in Canada. I am free to speak my mind and say what I truly believe to be right. This also means my policy has been rooted in conversations I have with people in the community, instead of having roots in the mainstream party establishment.
  3. I bring with me life experiences from living my entire life in Cambridge and living in Ward 7 for the last twenty years. I know what it is like to be a youth member of this city and I know how important it is to provide a strong community for our children to grow up in. I will leverage this lived experience and use it to connect with those in our community so that I can speak on their behalf.

If Ward 7 were to give me the opportunity to be their voice I promise that I will do my best to represent our Ward and I will work towards making Cambridge a better place to live.

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